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【Go Healthy Vegetable Festival Direct from Japan! 🍅 Brand New Tomato Series 🍅】

Introducing the new tomato series by Del Monte, all made in Japan. The series includes tomato juice and Japanese-style ketchup. 🍅 These four carefully selected products are made from the finest and ripest tomatoes from around the world, ensuring a maximum content of lycopene. 🤤 Try the fresher and more concentrated tomato series by purchasing them now. 😝

Del Monte Japanese-style Ketchup Series 
1️⃣ Japanese-style Ketchup 
- A sweet and slightly tangy flavor with a hint of mild acidity. 😋
- Comes in a 760g family-sized package, suitable for daily use and cooking. 👍🏻

2️⃣ Extra Rich Japanese-style Ketchup
- Made with a generous amount of tomatoes 🍅 to bring out their natural sweetness and rich texture. 😋
- Contains 1.5 times the amount of lycopene compared to regular tomato sauce. 🥳

Del Monte Tomato Juice Series 
3️⃣ 100% Tomato Juice 🍅🥤
- No added salt ❌
- 100% pure and rich tomato flavor. 😋

4️⃣ 100% Vegetable Juice
- No added salt ❌
- A blend of 21 different vegetables.
- Refreshing taste with a distinct celery flavor.