【Introducing the New Vege Plus Vegetable and Fruit Juice Series by Del Monte】

Del Monte is proud to introduce the new Vege Plus juice series, featuring two delicious flavors: Pineapple Mixed Juice 🍍🥬 and Plum Mixed Juice 🍹🥬. These 100% pure vegetable and fruit beverages are packed with various nutritious fruits and vegetables 🤩, allowing you to replenish your daily intake of vitamins and minerals easily 🏅. Embrace a healthy lifestyle with Vege Plus!
Healthier than pure fruit juice 💪🏻 and more enjoyable than vegetable juice 🤤.

❌ No preservatives, ❌ No added sugar, ❌ No artificial colors.

Del Monte 100% Pineapple Mixed Juice, 750ml
- Contains pineapple 🍍, carrot 🥕, orange 🍊, lemon 🍋, and mango 🥭.

Del Monte 100% Plum Mixed Juice, 750ml
- Contains plum, purple carrot 🥕, and grape 🍇.