"Low Cal" Pork chop Baked Rice
"Low Cal" Pork chop Baked Rice
1 piece of Del Monte Sliced Pineapple in Heavy Syrup
1/2 can of Del Monte Diced Tomatoes
1/2 tbsp. Del Monte Tomato Paste
1 boneless pork chop (90g)
1 tomato
1 egg
1/2 cauliflower (250g)
1 piece of low-fat cheese
1 tsp. soya sauce
1 tbsp. rice wine
1/2 tsp Sugar
Salt & Pepper
Hammer the pork chop with the back of a knife. Marinate for 20 minutes.
Cut tomatoes and onion into pieces. Dice pineapple and whisk egg.
Pat the cauliflower dry, remove the stalk. Dice it and put into food processer, blend until it becomes size of a corn grain.
Heat a pan up, scramble the egg and then fry with the processed cauliflower. Leave them on a plate after cooked.
Sear the pork chop in shallow oil over medium heat. Leave it on a plate after cooked.
On the same pan, brown the onion in shallow oil, then fry with diced tomatoes, tomato and pineapple. Add tomato paste and simmer the sauce. Leave them on a bowl when it is done.
On a baking tray, spread the cauliflower in the bottom. Then put the pork chop on top and cover with the sauce. Sprinkle with cheese
Preheat oven to 220 °C, bake for 15 minutes.